We are aware that some customers are receiving hoax phone calls and messages asking for their debit / credit card and PIN numbers. For your security, never reveal your debit / credit card and PIN numbers to anybody under any circumstances. Please report any such communications immediately to 17214433.
Call Centre



Call Centre

24x7 customer service support for all of your queries, clarification requests and even banking transactions through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Features & Benefits:

IVR offers

  • Account enquiries.
  • Checking last 5 transactions of credit cards.
  • Checking credit card balances and available limits.
  • Funds transfers between own accounts.
  • Payment of Batelco, Zain bills.
  • Top-up of Batelco and Zain prepaid mobile phones.
  • Product information and branch timings.
  • Various self-service and other options.

How to Apply:

  • As a customer of NBB, call the NBB Call Center on +973 17 214433.

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For more information, please call +973 17 214433