NBB Partners with Several Training Institutes to Support its Evolve & e-Evolve Programmes

31st August 2022

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) partnered with a number of the Kingdom’s top training institutes to receive support for its recently introduced summer training programmes, Evolve and e-Evolve. As an initial step, the Bank signed agreements with the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF), Injaz Bahrain, Bahrain FinTech Bay, EMIC Training Institute, Mada Translation and the Paramedics Academy, who provided ongoing support throughout the training period held during July and August 2022.

The participating training institutes introduced a customised programme specifically designed to meet the needs of all students enrolled in the Evolve and e-Evolve programmes, providing training sessions on various topics, and equipping them with the materials required for all training sessions. The e-Evolve Programme sessions were held virtually on NBB’s virtual training platform, while the Evolve Programme sessions were held at NBB Headquarters. The BIBF-led sessions were held at the institute’s premises.

Commenting on the occasion, Dana Buheji, Group Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer at NBB, said: “Through the launch of Evolve, we have been able to partner with key organisations and leading training institutes within the Kingdom, enabling us to nurture a new generation of talented individuals. As part of our commitment to Team Bahrain, we are continuously looking toward enriching future Bahraini generations, and hope to provide our youth with an elevated training experience to create future industry leaders.”

On his side, Dr. Ahmed AlShaikh, Director at Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF), said: “We are proud to be partnering with NBB, a leading financial institute in the Kingdom, to offer a range of banking and finance courses for a rising generation of skilled students. Through our partnership, we aim to fulfil Bahrain’s economic development goals as we enable a highly qualified Bahraini workforce.”

Commenting on the participation, Suzy AlZeera, Chief Operating Officer at Bahrain FinTech Bay, said: “Our participation in Evolve comes as a part of our goal towards upskilling our youth and providing them with training opportunities that equip them with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to fully thrive in the FinTech field.”

AbdulAziz Alqaseer, Vice President of the Team at The Paramedics Academy, added: “Recognising the potential within Bahraini talent is an essential component in the growth of the Kingdom. By establishing new skills, most notably within the EMT field, we are fostering a generation of adept youth with an extensive skillset to be utilised across all career paths.”

Further commenting on the partnership, Ahmed Matar, Operations Manager at EMIC Training Institute, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside the National Bank of Bahrain and taking part in their new summer programme. Bahraini youth are the backbone of our community through which we can witness the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 come to life.”

Remarking on the launch, Hana Sarwani, Executive Director at INJAZ Bahrain said, “The launch of the Evolve and e-Evolve programmes falls in line with our commitment towards empowering Bahraini youth and providing them with resources that would help them tap into their potentials. We are pleased to work with NBB to deliver our signature Innovation camp workshop as part of the summer program. The workshop will offer students a chance to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom, a chance to explore the dynamic, fast-paced world of banking and finance.”

Mahdi Saleh AlNoaimi, Sign Language Trainer and Interpreter at Mada Translation, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with NBB to provide the students enrolled in the Evolve and e-Evolve programmes with sign language training. Spreading our knowledge and reaching the maximum number of people has always been one of our main goals and through this initiative we will be able to have a positive impact on the lives of these students.”

NBB remains committed to investing heavily in the growth of the Kingdom’s young talents, continuously working towards improving the overall quality of the Bahraini workforce in order to build generations that drive the industry to the highest levels of achievement.