Responsible banking
Responsible banking

Responsible banking

Pillar Statement

To demonstrate discipline through abiding by a responsible approach in the way we conduct our business as well as our operations

Pillar Objectives

Improve performance and help drive a shift in markets towards sustainable finance by:

  • Enhancing ESG criteria in lending and investment activities, and
  • Offering sustainability-oriented products and services
  • Raise financial literacy and accessibility and practice responsible lending
  • Expand SME clientele in line with Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030 ambitions

Key Acheivements

Responsible Finance and Financial Inclusion


  • Launched our new NBB Digital Banking App
  • Extended Mortgage Loan Repayment to 30 Years for Mazaya and Joint Housing Beneficiaries
  • Introduced special offers in financing properties located in Diyar Al Muharraq
  • Announced financing offers for ‘Danat Al Baraka’ and ‘Dirat Al Oyoun’ projects
  • The first local bank to introduce Synthetic LCs
  • Introduced ‘Tamweel Al Watani’ Scheme to Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Inclusion of ESG-scoring within all C&SME credit review process
  • Offering preferential rates to C&SME customers with high ESG-considerations
  • Providing ATMs across different low populated and economically disadvantaged areas
  • Launched the Financial Literacy Academy for C&SME customers
  • During Eid, provided a mobile ATM service to serve our customers wherever they are through NBB’s ATM Van


  • Launched a Financial Literacy Campaign to Retail Clients, educating them on their financial choices, and by providing tips on different banking topics through social media posts.
  • Launched a new Personal Loan product for Retail Clients who would like to install Solar Panels.
  • Launched NBB Digital Banking Challenge in partnership with Bahrain Fintech Bay. Where the youth can participate and provide innovative solutions and ideas to enhance our Digital Banking App.



Financial Inclusion – Branches & ATMs

Financial Inclusion – Branches & ATMs

Value of loan portfolio of products and services designed to deliver a specific social benefit

Value of loan portfolio of products and services designed to deliver a specific social benefit