Governance and Ethical Behaviour
Governance and Ethical Behaviour

Governance and Ethical Behaviour


Pillar Statement

To abide by the regulations and to adhere to an ethical mindset that follows the corporate values and principles

Pillar Objectives

  • Achieve leading practice in good governance and integrity
  • Embed sustainability directly into the core of our business, reinforced by world-class governance of sustainability

Select Key Achievements

Data Privacy and Security


  • Conducted an Information security awareness session to all NBB employees
  • NBB Group offered a virtual sessions on corporate governance to NBB and BISB BoD and executive management
  • NBB Group hosted a virtual sessions for employees on criminal sanctions
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting Results
  • NBB Published the 2021 Annual Financial & Sustainability Report
  • NBB held its quarterly Investors Meeting, highlighting the Group’s accomplishments and achievements for the full year


Data Security Breaches

Data Security Breaches